Upload your music here. Jazz, classical, rap, R&B, Musique Concrete, doesn't matter as long as it's sound! Have a blast and show us your skills!

Legal note: unfortunately, you cannot upload music that is copyrighted here; that violates intellectual property laws. You can only upload music you composed or improvised yourself that does not interpolate copyrighted music, or music that is public domain. Do some research or ask a music librarian for help if you need to find out if something you want to upload here is public domain or not.

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Recordings made by HrodulfEdit

St. James' Infirmary Blues
Why Do People Kill?
The Entertainer, by Scott Joplin
Solace, by Scott Joplin
Weeping Willow, by Scott Joplin
Hrodulf's music journal

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Images, writing, sound files or anything else uploaded here has to be under a free license or public domain, unless you can claim fair use or are the original author of the material and are willing to release it into a free license, meaning everyone else in the world has the right to copy and/or modify your material without cost or permission, but with attribution to you.