Can't think of what to draw? Do what I've done, draw a painting or drawing you really like, or draw from a photograph. That's limiting, but there are plenty of images on the internet to explore. Or learn about a new place or subject by reading magazines or books. I found out about two great sources for drawing material, the Gateway of India and Castello Odescalchi. And I learned about these places by reading a magazine.

A good artist is always aware that anything that happens to them in a day, or that they randomly learn about, see or think, could become a drawing, or a song, or a joke, and so on. Be aware that we are all constantly being inspired, it just takes the mind of an artist to turn that inspiration into art.

Drawing what you like, whether it's birds, skyscrapers or the human form is key to uncovering your inner artistic voice. Show us all why what you like is interesting. You won't only produce interesting art, you'll show us all who you really are, and maybe discover things about yourself you never even suspected.

--Hrodulf 23:08, 19 January 2007 (UTC)