This is a technique for creating interesting images that have a slight impressionist feel. It is not difficult and only requires some drawing skill, something you can easily aquire by practicing drawing on your own. While some people have more innate talent than others, nearly anyone with determination who sticks to a practice regimen can learn to draw something that other people would find has at least some artistic value.

First, sketch your subject using a pencil. It can be whatever you want, including something you made up.

Second, take a stick of charcoal, and fill in all the blank areas. Try not to charcoal over a line and focus on leaving a small blank space next to the line to emphasize them.

Third, take artist crayons (or another coloring tool) and color in over the charcoal. The idea is that now the black charcoal will still show through here and there in the bits that didn't get colored enough, creating an impressionsitic feel. The original pencil drawing will also be completely covered up at this point, creating the sense that the drawing was originally drawn with charcoal and crayon. Covering up the sketch is important because if it is visible it ruins the effect of the image.

Experiment with this technique, you'll be surprised by how easy it is and how good the results are. Art is about talent and effort, but knowledge is important also. It pleases me that I was able to share some with you today.

Hrodulf 16:54, 24 December 2006 (UTC)

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