This is a technique for drawing irregular symmetrical forms. I created this technique while drawing a guitar.

First, draw one side of the shape you want to be symmetrical, but is irregular. You can draw just a part of the side, rather than the whole thing.

Second, take a blank piece of scrap paper, put it over the line you drew, and trace it.

Third, turn the scrap over so the blank side is facing up. Then place it so it creates a symmetrical match with the shape you traced. Trace again, this time pressing down over the entirety of the mirror image line (since you turned the paper over) the blank side of the scrap paper with your pencil.

Fourth, lift up the scrap paper. There will be a faint image of the reverse mirror image of the line on your drawing and it will be in the proper place if you positioned it right. Use this faint image to draw the other side of the form.

N.B.: This technique is useful for creating multiple identical copies of objects as well, although it will reverse the objects, so it may be a good idea to draw the object backwards on another piece of scrap paper, and then use that drawing to pressure transfer it onto your drawing. This way you avoid having one object that's the reverse of all the other ones in your drawing.
Hrodulf 17:41, 24 December 2006 (UTC)
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